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Quality Jewelry

Caesha London is a fashion brand that prides itself on providing custom made, one of a kind, EXCLUSIVE  jewelry and fashion pieces with the highest qualities. 

Caesha London, pronounced (Saysha London),  is a fashion brand for those who shop with the goal of standing out from the rest and being unique. Being "TRENDY" is the last thing our customers have in mind. We strive for quality designs not quantity to ensure a truly unique shopping experience. In today's time, fashion styles are being mass produced at an all time high. This makes it hard to find items that are truly unique. 


This logo was created in 2011, after I closed my first boutique/nail spa in 2010. Initially my store brand was called "The Barbie Shop Boutique".

I named it that because I like what Barbie stands for. Being bold, powerful, a go-getter, boss, and a female that could do and have anything her heart desires. After the birth of my daughter Ca'esha London (pronounced Saysha London)

I decided to re-brand and name my business after her. My logo is a stick figure because it is for ALL women. No matter what race, body type, body size, culture, religion, social class, background or economic class. Confidence is the only thing that matters. This logo highlights the key things that all fashionistas love, maintain and shop for. Aside from clothes other important things that we put emphasis on are hair, handbags, lipgoss/lipstick, shoes and any accessories. There are different expressions of beauty and women love to express it in their own unique way. Ca'esha London brand strives to give fashion that looks unique and stands out from the rest.  

Those that "refuse to blend in"

STAY TUNED for more of our story at a later date..........

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What does              MEAN?


Simply put are catch phrase DUHH!!!!! stands for


Do You Have to Hate?

Many people are bullied no matter what their personal style, physical features or fashion preferences may be. Rather it be too cute, too ugly, too fat, too skinny, too curvy, not enough curves, long hair, short hair, boho, classic looks, chic, intimate, steampunk, 

street-wear, grunge etc.,everyone is judged at some point in their life. The best thing to do express yourself to the fullest,continue to stand out, be rebellious against the norm and show the world the best version of you. Instead of following fashion trends, make your own. Freedom of expression is beautiful. next time someone questions your personal style, ask them "Do You Have to Hate?"

Ca'esha London DUHH!!!!!

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